Protests and support for T1 Tigress ‘Avni’ labelled as a ‘man-eater’ by the government is finally bearing fruit. The Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court has asked the forest department to make a fresh submission on the current situation in the forest, the Indian Express reported.

The forest department is all bound and determined to hunt down Avni and her two cubs for allegedly devouring 13 human beings. Professional hunters, pigs, thermal drones, hang glider, elephants and horses; all tricks and tactics have been deployed by the administration to find the elusive tigress.

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The mother is in hiding protecting her cubs. Two days ago, reportedly one of the two cubs was sighted in compartment 656 of the Pandharkawda forest in Yavatmal. All the efforts were then focused on that particular region. The officials decided to put small pigs in camouflaged cages to attract Avni’s cubs, hoping the mother will follow them.

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