Only one step in form of one points remaines Germany to gain 100 percentage confidence about quarterfinals participation after defeating Bulgaria in tie-break. This time, Denis Kaliberda guided his national team contributing 25 points. The second match of the day in Pool D was conquered by Russia, which beat the Czech Republic in stright sets and ensured play-offs ticket, where is going to face first or second team from Pool B.

Russia – Czech Republic 3 – 0 (25-22, 25-17, 25-10)

Russia: Grankin, Spiridonov 9, Apalikov 6, Pavlov 10, Sivozhelez 6, Muserskiy 12, Verbov (L) and Makarov, Mikhaylov 6, Ilnykh
Czech Republic: Bula 1, Stokr 5, Siroky 5, Konecny 5, Hudecek 4, Holubec 5, Kopacek (L) and Baranek 5, Finger 5, Hysky, Kral 2, Tichacek

Unfortunately for the Czech Republic their opposite David Konecny injured his left ankle right at the beginning of the match and was replaced by Michal Finger. The unlucky event threw them off and Russia took the lead 12-8. They maintained the advantage throughout the set, eventually taking it at 25-22.

In the beginning of the second set both teams fought very fiercely, but the Russians were again on top at the first technical time-out (8-5). The Czechs clearly lost focus and made quite a few mistakes, sent a lot of balls off the bounds and soon they were trailing by seven points (11-18), later even by nine (12-21). The Russians were out of their reach as they easily picked up the set 25-17 and took the lead in the match 2-0.

The third and final set was just a formality and a display of the Russian power – they jumped ahead in the beginning and stayed in the lead till the end. When Dmitry Muserskiy went to the serving spot at 7-3, he left it at 11-4, not letting the Czechs do much. Later their advantage only increased (16-7, then 22-9) and the Czech Republic were helpless. The Russians romped into victory 25-10 to finish it off in straight sets.   

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec. Pos.Rec. ExcErrorsRussia3651%7763%38%19Czech Rep.2737%7163%37%23


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrorsNikolay Pavlov10638%0222Jan Stokr5531%6008




Germany – Bulgaria 3 – 2 (36-34, 20-25, 21-25, 25-21, 15-9)

Germany: Kampa 3, Fromm 17, Broshog 4, Grozer 18, Kaliberda 25, Collin 3, Tille (L) Hohne 2, Bohme 12, Steuerwald, Schwarz, Tischer
Bulgaria: G. Bratoev 3, Aleksiev 16, Nikolov 14, Sokolov 28, Skrimov 8, Yosifov 13, Salparov (L) and Milushev, V. Bratoev 3, Penchev 3

Germany still saves the status of invincible on the ”Group Death” at European Championships. After yesterday’s sensational success over Russia, Germans overcame Bulgaria, another favourite of the whole contest. Thanks to results, the “Black Eagles” need only one point (the worst variant is 2) to gain a direct advance to quarterfinals.

Both team had scored 3-point wins the previous day, and were determined to prove who was the true no. 1 in Pool D as they started the match very fiercely, staying neck-to-neck. The Germans were the ones slightly ahead at the first technical time-out, but Bulgaria stayed closely behind, not letting the rivals take control over the play. The Bulgarians tied the score at 12 and then for the first time took the lead at 15-13. The Germans remained concentrated and the set continued on a point-by-point basis. The Bulgarians defended eight set-points, but in the end were unable to stop György Grozer’s powerful serve and lost the set 34-36.

Bulgaria recovered from the loss in the previous set and began the next one very well – they quickly jumped ahead to 6-2 and Germany’s coach Vital Heynen called a time-out. It did not help his team and the opponent got even further away (8-2 at the first mandatory break). Bulgaria maintained a safe distance up until 21-12, when the Germans seemed to wake up and scored six unanswered points (21-18 for Bulgaria). Nevertheless, Bulgaria did not let Germany flip the charts around and picked it up at 25-20.

Set 3 was another tight one as the score stayed pretty close from the beginning, with Bulgaria slightly ahead (8-5, then 12-10). However, after a controversial decision and a long discussion with the referees, the Germans lost focus and Bulgaria jumped ahead to a four-point lead at 18-14. They finished the set 25-21 with Viktor Yosifov’s strong hit to set the overall score at 2-1.

As the fourth set unfolded, it was obvious that the Germans were determined to stay in the game, which they proved with better serves and spikes. Bulgaria, on the other hand, had some troubles and made more unforced errors. Germany remained on top, piling up a five-point advantage at the second technical time-out. The rest of the set continued under Germany’s command and they claimed it 25-21, forcing the fifth and final set.

The Germans carried the momentum from the previous set in the tie-break and took the lead 3-0, then 6-2. They dominated on the court and it was just a matter of time for them to take the set 15-9 and the entire match 3-2.

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec. Pos.Rec. ExcErrorsGermany6751%14359%27%25Bulgaria7549%10363%30%32


Team Leaders: 

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeUnforced ErrorsGorgy Grozer181345%54110Tsvetan Sokolov282550%23210Click Here: camiseta river plate

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