For Honor’s upcoming Marching Fire expansion will include a huge graphical overhaul.

The “Graphical Enhancements Showcase” segment of a recent livestream illustrates exactly what’s been improved, which includes a major update to global illumination, updated sky tech, plus new tone mapping and colour grading, too.

Ubisoft – which started the upgrading process just after the multiplayer brawler was released – has also reworked all textures in the game.

Here, take a look:

As u/Eristoff5 opines in the Reddit discussion, what’s particularly impressive is that these improvements purportedly do not come at the cost of performance, and have had “no impact on the system requirements”.

According to art director Christian Diaz, not only did the team focus on remastering the look of the game, but also “reduce the size of the game on disc”.

Marching Fire introduces new faction Wu Lin, which hails from the far east, and adds four new Heroes – Jiang Jun, Nuxia, Shaolin, and Tiandi – to the current roster. The expansion also includes new single player (or two-person online co-op) arcade mode called, imaginatively enough, Arcade Mode, that Ubisoft believes offers “infinite replayability”.

For Honor: Marching Fire releases on 16th October, 2018. As you might expect, if you like what you see enough to cough up your money in advance of release, you’ll get some pre-order bonuses, plus instant access to the new content.

If you’re curious to see how the game has developed since its release in 2017, Edwin Evans-Thirlwell recently revisited For Honor.

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