Residents of Guadalajara, Mexico, woke up to an unusual surprise over the weekend, after an intense hailstorm left the city streets buried in snow.

Parts of the city were covered in up to 6 feet of snow and ice, as authorities worked to clear out the roads, according to CBS News.

According to local newspaper El Informador, 450 homes were impacted by the weather, with some saying the ice had pushed through their doors and windows, reported NPR. The outlet also reported that the mayor of Guadalajara, Ismael del Toro, told the newspaper that 10 residents had been treated for hypothermia.

In one area of the city that was significantly impacted by the storm, 30 vehicles and 60 homes were damaged, according to Jalisco Civil Protection officials.

Parts of the city also experienced severe flooding, as the hail had blocked drainage systems, according to NBC News.



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Addressing the storm on social media, Jalisco state Gov. Enrique Alfaro Ramirez wrote that he had never seen weather like this before.

“Hail more than a meter high, and then we wonder if climate change exists,” he wrote, according to CNN.

In a video posted to Facebook, he also described the uniqueness of the storm, explaining that “the hail looks like snowfall,” NPR reported.




The weather is even more remarkable because, in the past month, the city had often experienced temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, NPR reported.

According to CNN meteorologist Michael Guy, the strength of the hail storm was a result of a low-pressure zone around the U.S.-Mexico border, which helped the storm build in intensity. “This was a case where atmospheric and topographic ingredients came into play to cause a freakish hail storm,” he explained.

The weather will soon be making a turn in the area as it’s been predicted that temperatures will reach 81 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, according to NPR.

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