Frozen Synapse 2 – the sequel to popular indie Frozen Synapse – has now been given a solid release date. Next week, on the 13th of September, players will finally be able to jump into the game’s network of procedurally-generated streets.

The sequel was originally supposed to launch all the way back in 2016, but delays meant it was pushed back until this year. Another release window was announced for August – but it seems developer Mode 7 didn’t quite make this target. In today’s announcement, made via Steam, Mode 7 acknowledged the game had been a long time coming, thanking fans “for waiting so long”.

To prevent fans feeling left out in the cold, Mode 7 also dropped an extra trailer detailing some of Frozen Synapse 2’s features. Looking at the comments, it seems to be going down well – suggesting the game could indeed be worth the wait.

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