The Goop mogul, who told us she was “going to find a cocktail” when she strolled inside, did just that and chatted up Bomer, who said he’s not only been a “huge fan” of Lacoste since childhood, but that it had an extra special meaning to him. “The night I met my husband he was wearing a navy blue Lacoste shirt,” he told us. “We tend to be kind of sentimental so I made him save it and not throw it away. Something about Simon wearing that shirt the night we met told me something his character … it all worked out.”

After the party, there was the after-party, and attendees headed down to Club James (the stunning residence’s onsite club) to continue the celebration. As a DJ spun hits, guests danced the night away, before heading home with bags of Lacoste goodies.

A major and fitting kick-off for the Beverly Hills boutique indeed.

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