John Lewis posted record sales last week at £95.9m, a surplus of £1m over its previous best and setting a new record a full week earlier than last year. In a press release the retailer stated that despite the grim outlook on the high street, John Lewis is confident it is taking market share.

The company further stated it grew by 6.4 per cent last week, representing a lift of 11.7 per cent on the previous week. Thirteen branches increased sales and many individual records were broken. John Lewis Direct had its biggest week ever, as did catering. Southampton had its biggest ever Saturday, and Glasgow broke two records at the weekend. In the buying directorates, EHT had its biggest week ever, a massive £1.7m ahead of its previous record.

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John Lewis Direct grew by a 59 per cent, and over the week there were 2.7 million visits to the website. The company stated it was aware many customers on had earlier researched their purchase in stores – and similarly many instore shoppers have used the website to gain information. In physical branches, Knight & Lee led the way (+8.8 per cent), closely followed by Cribbs Causeway (+6.4 per cent). Aberdeen, Trafford, Glasgow, Kingston, Edinburgh, Oxford Street and Nottingham also put on good increases. The score from Cribbs Causeway was bolstered by the new Swindon outlet store.

All Buying Directorates were ahead of last year, with the biggest percentage increase coming from Furnishing Accessories and the biggest sterling increase from EHT.

The company further aims to set a new record in the final week to the Christmas holidays.

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