For now, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle managed to stay on the top of ranking in Polish league. However, just behind them we have a little unexpected guest…

Just before Christmas, we had the last round of 2012. Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle beat Skra Belchatow 3:1. The most interesting part of this game was the third set. Each team had won one part by this time and Skra was leading 24:18, so it was certain they were going for at least one point that day. However, we had something that can be called a miracle (for Zaksa) or really bad luck (for Skra). Jurij Gladyr turned on his service and Belchatow began to make mistakes. In addition, Marcin Mozdzonek blocked another action. Felipe Fonteles turned out to be a hero one more time, when he finished this part with ace. Later on Zaksa didn’t let this luck go and they scored three points and stayed on the first position in PlusLiga. Despite of this nice picture, Zaksa had two unexpected results – they lost one point with AZS Czestochowa and another 3 points with Trefl Gdansk.


However, Delecta Bydgoszcz surprisingly collected the same number of points (30) and they placed themselves just behind Zaksa, loosing only by winning sets (33 won, 16 lost, when Kedzierzyn has 35/16). It’s a quite unexpected situation, but it’s fully deserved. Delecta is very confident and plays constantly well, being led by Stephane Antiga and Dawid Konarski. Therefore, they only lost 3 out of 13 games (with Warszawa, Belchatow and Jastrzebski Wegiel). Players of Delecta are very pleased with this result and claim that their plan was fulfilled in 100%.


On the third position we have Jastrzebski Wegiel who lately won with Asseco Resovia 3:0. It was a priceless victory for them that made this “podium” possible. This season Jastrzebie is playing quite simple volleyball, in which Michal Lasko plays the biggest role. However, this team is doing great in block (148 points, the second place after Delecta) and that system seems to be working. They also lost 3 games so far (with Warszawa, Zaksa and Resovia).


After many years on the throne, Skra Belchatow is currently on the 4th position in ranking. Their game was quite disappointing for fans at the beginning of the season (lost games with all three potentially most dangerous opponents – Resovia, Zaksa and Jastrzebie) and later on they could not catch up with the top of ranking, earning so far 27 points and loosing two more games – with Warszawa and Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle again. On the other hand, their statistics are pretty impresive – especially in service, with 92 points, which makes them a strong leader in this element. Mariusz Wlazly is also the best server with 24 aces.


Asseco Resovia has many problems this season. Being Polish champion puts some pressure on every game, but they didn’t handle it that well. They were able to collect 22 points and win 8 out of 13 matches (same as Skra, but more tie breaks). Their most unpleasant result was loosing with AZS Czestochowa, the last team on ranking. Lately they won with Zaksa 3:2 and a few days later it was a lost game with Jastrzebie 0:3. In statistics, Piotr Nowakowski has a high score in block (0.85 per set). However, he participated only in 6 games this season, because of injury. Resovia has some issues to resolve, but the very next meeting with Delecta Bydgoszcz is going to be crucial for their position in play offs.


First five of PlusLiga

1. Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle – 30 points, 10 (victories) / 3 (defets)
2. Delecta Bydgoszcz – 30 points, 10 / 3
3. Jastrzebski Wegiel – 27 points, 10 / 3
4. PGE Skra Belchatow – 27 points, 8 / 5
5. Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – 22 points, 8 / 5

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