Red Dead Redemption was as much about its wilderness as it was John Marsten. The dusty main street of Armadillo, the dense pines of Tall Trees, the plains which separated your farmstead from the creeping modernisation in Blackwater.

Rockstar has just published a bunch of images teasing some of the places you’ll visit in Red Dead Redemption 2, and like in its predecessor there’s plenty of range on offer. From frontier farms to the city of Saint Denis via the snow-capped Grizzly Mountains, the game once again offers a tweaked version of the real world southern states.

There’s many more on Rockstar’s site.

Whenever I see more details on Red Dead Redemption 2’s locations I like to look back at the leaked map which surfaced two and a half years ago to see what stayed from that time and what has since been changed. Valentine, a farming settlement in the Heartlands, is right there on the leaked map. (At the time, Eurogamer sources verified the image as legitimate.) Saint Denis, however, looks like a new name for New Bordeux, the large city in the south set to be Red Dead’s take on New Orleans.

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