By now, everyone knows the premise of Naked and Afraid. Two survivalists are marooned in a harsh location without a stitch of clothes on. For 21 days, they brave the elements while in the most vulnerable state imaginable.

It’s not easy. Past survivalists have dealt with horrible weather and flesh-eating bacteria, while one contestant was even stung by a yellow jacket in the most unfortunate of areas. The show even stranded two naked survivalists in the frozen tundra of Alaska.

Then there’s Naked and Afraid XL, the 40-day challenge in which a group of participants forms a community based on survival. For more than a month, they try to survive the location — and each other.

But now, two seasoned survivalists are kicking it up a notch. Jeff Zausch and Laura Zerra will do a typical 21-day challenge — and then immediately go into the 40-day challenge of Naked and Afraid XL. If they succeed, it will be the longest continuous stretch that any participants have survived.

So, how does one prepare for a two-month challenge?

“It’s crazy to even think about,” Zausch tells PEOPLE. “That’s two months without clothes, without a proper meal, living out in the wilderness. There was a lot of mental preparation involved. If you’re not mentally strong, you’re not going to make it.”

“When you look at it as 60 days, it’s like ‘holy sh–, this can’t be done,’ ” Zausch says. “So I had to break it down in my head as 3 equal segments of 20 days.”

Zausch and Zerra have survived together, and they’re two of the show’s A-listers. According to Zausch, he couldn’t have had a better partner.

“When I saw Laura standing across from me in the jungle, I knew that this was the best case scenario. I know her strengths. She’s the most mentally tough woman I’ve ever met in my life,” he says. “She has incredible survival skills. But more than anything, she’s got a great attitude. She’s upbeat and optimistic. That’s what I value the most.”

So what do Zauch and Zerra have to look forward to? After completing their 21-day challenge, they’ll join 12 other survivalists for the 40-day stretch. Arriving by boat, they’ll begin their adventures dropped in the brutal South China Sea, forcing them to swim through shark-infested waters to sun-scorched deserted islands of jagged rock beaches and impenetrable cliffs.

Viewers can watch the digital series Naked and Afraid: Savage, that chronicles Zausch and Zerra’s adventure.

Will they survive the full 60 days? Their Naked and Afraid episode will air Sunday, June 2 at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel. Immediately afterward at 9 p.m., the new season Naked and Afraid XL will premiere.

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