A glitch has been discovered in the recently released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, and it takes the fan service the series is famed for to a terrifying conclusion.

To trigger the glitch – which has only been discovered in the wake of the release of version 1.20, the first post-release update for the game – you’ll need to have two Isabelles facing off against each other, and have them both attempt to hook in an assist trophy with the fishing rod special move. Get the timing right, and behold: a seemingly endless spawning of assists that can grind the game to a halt.

The glitch was discovered by Redditor TheAfrowJow, and it’s since been explored further, with the 59-strong roster of assist trophy characters being called into endless action – including, of course, internet favourite Waluigi, who can now flood the screen with clones in an attempt to appease those who call for him to be included as a playable character. It’s some recompense, I suppose, until the glitch is patched out at least.

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