Vogue this month has published a style census; asking its readers what they’re really like. From how much one spends on a single fashion item to being happy about one’s body. To gain insight into how fashionistas rate their favourite designers, feel about aging and even drug use, this month’s issue will tell you all.

According to the survey, the style secrets say that the average reader owns 16 pairs of shoes – five of which are unworn. When it comes to lingerie, she prefers to chose her own and she once spent £800 on a single fashion item.

Meet, what the ES describes, as the Alpha woman. On average, the alpha woman is 5ft 6in, a size 12 (as opposed to the British average of 14) and believes she looks fie years younger than she is. The style-conscious woman’s only downfall is her thighs, the part of her body she would most like to change. She devours style magazines but cannot resist the allure of Gap and M&S.

Vogue’s style census questioned 1,365 readers between 20-45 on their likes and dislikes. More than half named Alexander McQueen as the most stylish brand, with Chanel and Chloe in second and third places. The survey further revealed Calvin Klein to be the most popular designer, with just over hald of all women owning a garment by the brand. On the high street, Gap is by far the most popular, with three quarters of women owning something from the American chain.

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