The sale of womenswear in the UK has risen by 3 per cent in the last season. This was the conclusion that the UK-based market information specialist FashionTrak came to following a study of the latest industry figures.The new season’s trends include a broad range of looks, from flirty dresses and florals to abstract prints and exotic looks, spurring the public on to spend more. Sales of feminine skirts and dresses have increased, as have casual jackets, t-shirts and jeans.

High street retailers, discounters and supermarkets, in particular, have profitted from their ability to reproduce the diverse looks from the catwalks at affordable prices. Expenditure was up 7 per cent, 5 per cent and 9 per cent respectively this season.Accessories sales also saw an increase. Costume jewellery sales increased by 12 per cent this season. Menswear did not fare as well, although the figures showed that men were spending a whopping 11 per cent more at supermarkets than last year, thanks to the convenience and value offerings.

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